They say knowledge is Power…

Credit Bureau Investigations offers companies the ability to have an accredited credit expert come to their office for their employees to help educate them on how credit works.

Employee Assistant Programs

They work just like any other EAP they offer. The companies Human Resource department sets up a specific time and place at the office and provides lunch for the employees. Many employees bring personal problems to work which decreases productivity. Statistics show most of these problems are financial ones.

Since credit controls our financial lives, having that knowledge can reduce that stress for your employees so they can formulate an educated game plan for themselves.

Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent your job is to represent yourself as a licensed professional, represent and protect your client is the most aggressive and ethical way possible. As credit controls whether or not the client can qualify, having a solid understanding of how credit works should be a vital component of additional customer service for your clients. Learn how credit works in regards to home purchasing.

Mortgage Professionals

With the Mortgage world where it is today, your Loan Officers ability to educate their potential customer on credit is crucial. That small bit of credit education can be what sets your company apart from the other companies that are calling to get your clients business.

Call today to set up a time for NSFC’s credit experts to come in and educate your loan officers on either the basics of consumer credit or advanced credit education. The level of credit training is up to you.

Consumers Seminars

Whether it’s for your church or a networking group, this seminar is geared for “Real World” credit education. Your credit score is the key to your financial life, yet it is something consumers know very little about. Learn how the system works and what is done to have the system work against you. This knowledge will help you for years to come.

Contact us to schedule a seminar for your group.