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Credit is the cornerstone of the American economy, but it’s something that very few consumers understand and the accuracy of the information on the internet can be debatable.

Did you know that most of the “credit education” articles out on the internet are funded by the credit bureaus? Just a little something to make you think about what you read.

This book was written to give you a “real life” understanding to the reality of how the credit system works AND how the decisions you make will affect you now and in the future. It is not meant as a substitute for legal advice at all,

I am educating you about life situations everyone goes through or will go through and how their decisions will be evaluated by this flawed system.


What you think makes sense or is the “right thing” to do

May just cost you more than you realize.

 REMEMEBER… Don’t hate the Creditor…. Hate the Credit Game…

The Real World of Credit

The Real World of Credit offers you current advice on dealing with credit issues brought about by a variety of “real world” experiences – marriage, divorce, over-spending, child support, bankruptcy, debt settlement and more.

We live in two separate world – the “perfect world” where everything happens as it should and the “real world” where the credit game often plays us for fools. Learn from a credit expert how to win the credit game and increase your ability to provide a more financially sound future for you and your family. Do you know how to protect yourself from those harassing collections agencies? Should you choose bankruptcy, debt settlement or credit repair?

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